/Mazda MX-5 GT to be Offered as Aftermarket Kit

Mazda MX-5 GT to be Offered as Aftermarket Kit

mx 5 gt 600x400 at Mazda MX 5 GT to be Offered as Aftermarket Kit

Mazda was quite chuffed with the public’s reaction to the souped-up MX-5 GT when they unveiled it at last year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. They played with idea of producing the car for a while, but after much ado they arrived at what they think is the best compromise.

You see, Mazda already has an all-new MX-5 in the pipeline, and they just couldn’t be bothered homologating a new version of the old model for the road. So they contracted their racing partner Jota to offer the GT treatment to the MX-5 owners as a sort of official aftermarket kit.

The treatment, in which Jota tweaks the ECU and installs a new exhaust system, is suitable for the 2.0 liter Mazda MX-5. It makes 157 hp in standard factory form, but after Jota is through with it, that number’s gone up to 203 horsepower.

That will have a profound effect on the driving experience. I mean the MX-5 is damn good fun with only 150 hp, so 200 will turn it into an absolute hoot. The Mazda MX-5 GT concept car also came with styling changes and modified suspension, all of which will be offered by Jota as well.

The cost of a Mazda MX-5 GT clone prepared by Jota will be less than £30,000. That is a lot more than what you pay for a standard MX-5, but still good value for all the fun you get in return.

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