/Rendering: Toyota GT86 Sedan

Rendering: Toyota GT86 Sedan

Toyota GT 86 Sedan render 600x300 at Rendering: Toyota GT86 Sedan

Only a hint at the possibility of Toyota considering a four-door version of the GT86 was enough reason for auto artists to put their Photoshop in high gear and come up with a virtual preview of the car. So here’s what the Toyota GT86 Sedan may look like, if it’s only an elongated version of the coupe with two extra doors.

The idea of the Toyota GT86 Sedan sounds pretty intriguing. But there are people who argue that it may sully the car’s pure sports car bloodline. A longer wheelbase GT86 probably won’t handle as nicely as the coupe, and the extra weight brought on by the extra doors and cabin space will put a bigger strain on the 200 ho boxer engine than what it’s already going through.

But Toyota is a business, and if the marketing people conclude that it could sell, it will be made. It would be great if Toyota engineers go ahead and give the car 50 or so more horsepower. Then we’ll have a proper sports saloon that can carry four people and still put a smile on the face of its driver. What’s not to like about such a recipe.

We will be hearing more about the Toyota GT86 Sedan in the coming months. So, keep your ears to the ground.

Rendering by Theophilus Chin


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