/Zenos E10 Revealed in Official Sketch

Zenos E10 Revealed in Official Sketch

Zenos E10 600x338 at Zenos E10 Revealed in Official Sketch

Following the first teasers, former Caterham boss Ansar Ali revealed the first official sketches of his new, independent sports car, called Zenos E10. The track-focused sports car follows Caterham’s recipe of performance through lightness, but it appears to be a lot better looking than every single thing in Caterham’s portfolio.

According to Mr. Ali, the Zenos E10 will be powered by a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder Ford engine with 200 horsepower and 210 Nm of torque. That doesn’t sounds like much. But because the car weighs only 650 kg, the power to weight ratio is on the par with the most serious supercars out there, which is to say it is going to be very fast.

Ali reckons his fast little rocket will be able to hit 60 mph in slightly over 4 seconds and reach a top speed of nearly 140 mph. With cars like this, speed is not the most important thing. Handling and cornering capability is the first priority, and given the background of the makers of the Zenos, it probably won’t disappoint. It’ll use high performance parts like Bilstein dampers, OZ wheels and Avon tires.

Zenos has a carbon tub and an aluminum chassis; stuff that supercars are made of. But do not despair thinking the because of this the E10 is going to be super expensive. The carbon they use to make this car is recycled, which keeps the production costs down. Still, the E10 is a rival for the likes of BAC Mono. So it won’t be affordable either.

Zenos E10 is set for debut in early 2014.

Zenos E10 1 600x338 at Zenos E10 Revealed in Official Sketch


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