/Corvette Stingray Competition Sport Seats Explained

Corvette Stingray Competition Sport Seats Explained

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When the Corvette Stingray was first revealed it featured the Standard GT seats that are superbly comfortable and provide decent grip to keep you in place in those tight bends. But they promised that Stingy will soon be getting Competition Sport Seats, and they are now almost ready.

Corvette Stingray Competition Sport Seats are said to be the best of their kind in the sports car community. Chevy engineers have gone to enormous length to make sure these seats are not only brilliant at everyday comfort, they also hug the driver and the passenger in all the right places. They have used digital pressure-mapping, technology used to scan people’s backsides when seated, to design the optimum shape.

Good seats were an important part of the Stingray’s interior improvement plan. Chevy had not offered different seats in a Corvette since the C4 fourth generation – 1984-1996. And to be frank none of the previous models were really up to standard in that term. It might seem trivial, but little details like this are what add up to make a great sports car, which the Stingray certainly is.

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The new Corvette also was the first Chevrolet to use a new process for judging seat performance in addition to comfort, based on the subjective evaluations of test drivers of varying sizes, from large males to petite females. For the new seats, the Corvette team used the advanced materials, including an all-new lightweight cast magnesium frame for greater strength. The frame’s rigidity and the seat’s hard back panel contribute to an enhanced feeling of support during performance driving. What’s more, the seats now benefit from first dual heating and cooling ventilation system.

Corvette Stingray Competition Sport seats will be available as an option in December.

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