/Honda Owners Are People Too! …Maybe

Honda Owners Are People Too! …Maybe

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A recent owner’s survey revealed some interesting things about Honda owners based on information gathered from a popular Honda site. The survey revealed things about Honda owners you might expect, and some things you might not.

The Honda Owners Survey took information from 1,500 Honda owners and ran from February to March of 2013. And of course, there are many examples of people who are exceptions to this information, and the interpretation is also highly subjective — but there are many interesting things to be learned about Honda owners.

Some Things Are Pretty Predictable…

When you think of a Honda owner, the image that comes to mind is someone who isn’t really that “in” to cars. Not to say they don’t know they’re way around a garage (hey, there’s a lot of mechanics out there who drive Hondas!), but what they want out of their car is usually a low maintenance vehicle. That seems to coincide with the results of the survey.

Most Honda Owners Don’t Own a Honda Lawn Mower

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Even though the Honda brand makes a pretty nice lawn mower lineup, most Honda owners don’t have their own mower. Meaning, they probably don’t cut their own grass or they aren’t brand loyal to Honda.

People Describe Their Honda as “Reliable”

“Reliable” is the top term people use to describe their Honda — which is exactly what a Honda is made to be. The next term down is high quality, which is a fair assessment. Only 7% would call their Honda sporty (and to be fair, there are sportier Hondas out there).

A Very Slight Majority of the Owners Make Between $75-$99K

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While a slight margin seems to make between $75-$99K a year, it’s actually pretty balanced. The categories are up to $24K, $24-$49K, $50-$74K, $74-$99, and $100-$149K — all were within 13-19%. What does it mean you wonder? It means that owning a Honda isn’t an income thing or a car for a particular economic class.

Driving a Honda Doesn’t Make People Feel a Certain Way

This is probably one of the single most telling pieces of information from the survey — over 72% of owners report not feeling any particular way about how they think their Honda impacts their attractiveness. While cars like Ferraris probably make people far more attractive, and a beat up hooptie will likely make someone feel less attractive in the driver’s seat, Hondas don’t matter in this area to Honda drivers.

To Summarize, Honda Owners:

  • Aren’t Big on Maintenance
  • Value Reliability
  • Exist in Every Economic Class
  • Feel Somewhat Indifferent About Their Cars

While Others Things Are Surprising…

Honda Owners Like NASCAR

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No other form of racing was brought up, but a large percentage of Honda owners are NASCAR fans. It’s a little surprising to learn that a crowd that has somewhat indifferent feelings about their own cars are fans of a sport that’s all about cars. Then again, many people like football but don’t care to play the game themselves, so it’s not too far of a reach.

Not Many Honda Owners Are Honda Motorcycle Owners

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This information seems surprising since a Honda motorcycle and a Honda car are a lot of the same things, except a motorcycle obviously has danger and thrill factors. The Honda brand motorcycles are extremely popular and well-made bikes, the lack of brand loyalty in this category is a little surprising. There’s something about owning a Honda car and owning a Honda motorcycle seems like it might go together more often than 87% of the time.

Over 71% of Honda Owners Are Not Gun Owners

Not to engage in a political debate over guns, but most people have never really thought of gun owners as having a strong preference about car brands…but apparently they don’t really prefer Hondas.

What can you gather from this? Honda is hitting the mark when it comes to reaching their key demographic. What else can we draw from this information? Honda owners are car buyers, but they’re not really “car” people. There are a lot of cool things about Hondas, but they’re a kind of car you look at and don’t have strong emotions about it one way or another — you might think it’s reliable, well-built, efficient, but that’s as far as your feelings are going to go about it.

What do you think about the survey and how it’s interpreted in this article?

Contributor of this article – Jason Lancaster – doesn’t own a Honda but finds the stats interesting about Honda owners. He works with AccurateAutoadvice.com – a site that offers car owners timely advice about their vehicles.

(CEO / Editor / Journalist) – Bruno is the owner and CEO of Motorward.com; he’s responsible for the entire team, editorial guidelines and publishing. Bruno has many years of experience in the auto industry, both managing automotive websites and contributing to the press.