/Hyundai Joins ‘Crisis at Christmas’ Charity Campaign

Hyundai Joins ‘Crisis at Christmas’ Charity Campaign

Crisis at Christmas 1 600x400 at Hyundai Joins ‘Crisis at Christmas’ Charity Campaign

They say you shouldn’t talk about the good deeds people do. But we hope that by spreading the word and giving a shout out to people behind such efforts, we encourage others to the same thing. So a big kudos to Hyundai for supporting the ‘Crisis at Christmas’ campaign which helps the homeless have less bitter days this Christmas.

The national campaign has a dedicated team of 9,000 volunteers at Crisis providing shelter, medical services and emotional support for over 800 homeless and vulnerable in London, and consulting with thousand others. More than 6,000 people spent some time sleeping rough in London last year, an increase of 62% over the past two years.

Hyundai is supplying 15 vehicles for use by its dedicated team of volunteers in London over Christmas. These Santa Fes, i40s and i30s will carry supplies and transport individual guests and volunteers around London.

Crisis at Christmas 2 600x400 at Hyundai Joins ‘Crisis at Christmas’ Charity Campaign

Leslie Morphy, Crisis’ Chief Executive, said: “Homelessness can be an incredibly isolating and lonely experience, but at Christmas it can be doubly hard. While families and friends are tucking into Christmas dinner, it can be a miserable experience for the person stuck out alone in the winter cold. Crisis at Christmas is only possible due to the generosity of our volunteers and donors, such as Hyundai, who have come together to make this happen for more than four decades. With homelessness rising, their help is needed more than ever.”

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