/Bob Dylan Stars in Chrysler Super Bowl Ad

Bob Dylan Stars in Chrysler Super Bowl Ad

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Chrysler released their highly anticipated Game Day commercial during the even without any teaser or previews. The 2014 Chrysler Super Bowl Ad follows the same patriotic “Imported from Detroit” theme as the previous years, but this time they went a step further and made it “America’s Import” and also broke out the big guns celebrity-wise.

This year’s Chrysler Super Bowl commercial features that music legend that is Bob Dylan. The man delivers a convincing speech as to why, not matter where your phone is made and where your beer is brewed, there is no place like America – cuz you can’t import original!


Narration includes the following:

“America’s Import”
Is there anything more American than America?
‘Cause you can’t import original.
You can’t fake true cool.
You can’t duplicate legacy.
Because what Detroit created was a first
and became an inspiration to the… rest of the world.
Yeah…Detroit made cars. And cars made America.
Making the best, making the finest, takes conviction.
And you can’t import, the heart and soul, of every man and woman working on the line.
You can search the world over for the finer things,
but you won’t find a match for the American road
and the creatures that live on it.
Because we believe in the zoom,
and the roar, and the thrust.
And when it’s made here, it’s made with the one thing
you can’t import from anywhere else. American…Pride.
So let Germany brew your beer,
Let Switzerland make your watch,
Let Asia assemble your phone.
We…will build…your car.


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