/Camaro Z/28 Traction Control Has a Flying Mode System!

Camaro Z/28 Traction Control Has a Flying Mode System!

camaro z28 flying system at Camaro Z/28 Traction Control Has a Flying Mode System!

In developing the new Camaro Z/28 sports car, Chevy engineers have been so obsessed with doing a good job, they may have got a bit carried away. I mean they have devised a system for the car that accounts for the split second it may spend in the air while travelling on uneven surfaces.

As irrelevant as that may sound due to the negligible difference it makes on the overall result, Chevy argues that it’s a useful feature, as it maintains the momentum, meaning that you won’t lose any performance when you return to the ground. In order to do this, the flying mode, part of the Performance Traction Management system, does not cut the power when the car leaves the tarmac.

We’re not sure if the advantage of this system has been worth the effort of developing it, but the fact that Chevrolet went the extra mile is a very cool thing. It shows when they commit themselves to something they settle for nothing but the best, most thorough job.

The $75K track-focused Camaro Z/28 is faster round the Nurburgring than many European sports cars, including the Porsche 911. This amazing performance is due not only to a 500hp V8 engine, but to a well-sorted chassis, sophisticated suspension, Brembo brakes, and an efficient, if not very pretty, aero kit.

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