/Geneva Preview: Arash Super Car Teased Once Last Time

Geneva Preview: Arash Super Car Teased Once Last Time

Arash Super Car Teased 0 at Geneva Preview: Arash Super Car Teased Once Last Time

Over the past few weeks Arash Fraboud, the Persian/British exotic car maker has been teasing us with shots of his new super car, which he will reveal at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. The campaign now culminates in the picture you see above. It’s not very revealing, but it gives you a clue as to the character of the new Arash.

Like the previous models, the new Arash super car is a low and wide exotica with a big engine that goes in the middle and powers the rear wheels. Arash is not a fan of silly aerodynamic wings and spoilers, and so the new car appears to rely on its cleverly-designed body panels to take care of the aero malarkey – like a Ferrari Enzo.

There are no technical details available on the Geneva-bound Arash super car, but if the car maker’s strong love of American engine is still intact, chances are it gets a big GM V8 with something like 700 horsepower, or more.

Official details and pictures of the car are expected to be released tomorrow. So stay tuned.

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