/Honda Super Bowl Ad with Bruce Willis: Hugfest

Honda Super Bowl Ad with Bruce Willis: Hugfest

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Honda’s 2014 Super Bowl commercial probably deserved more attention than it got. For starters, it stars one of the biggest action heroes of all time, Bruce Willis. And the coolest thing about it is that it shows you the softer side of the Die Hard man in an ad focused on safety. It is called, rather embarrassingly for Bruce, the Hugfest.

So instead of crashing cars and blowing stuff up, Bruce Willis delivers a speech on the importance of driving safety, and asks you to hug people around you as a reminder that life is a precious thing and you should cherish the time you spend with loved ones. He doesn’t seem, however, to enjoy being embraced by Fred Armisen.


This was the best safety-focused ad we’ve seen a long while. It was simple, nice, and rather touching actually. The ad is also truthful when it talks about the impeccable safety of Honda cars. They really are brilliant in this aspect. All in all, Honda Super Bowl Ad is a job well done. Kodus to them for making a great commercial without getting silly or badmouthing the rivals, like some other car makers.

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