/Zenvo Responds to Top Gear’s Review of ST1

Zenvo Responds to Top Gear’s Review of ST1

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Those of you who watched the third episode of the Top Gear’s new season last weekend saw the review of an orange super car that broke down, twice, during the shoot, and then caught fire, and then set a lap time slower than that of a Ford Focus. The car in question was the Danish Zenvo ST1, and the makers of it are understandably not happy with what was aired that day.

Zenvo, in fact, took to the internet to vent out their frustration at what they say was an unfair assessment of the car. They are making a weak argument, which is probably why they are not bringing in any lawyers like Tesla did when Top Gear delivered an allegedly misleading review of their Roadster.

Zenvo says the reason the car’s clutch gave in during filming was because Top Gear drivers drifted it for too long. To this they can answer what is the point of a super powerful, super expensive car that falls to pieces if you drift it too hard. A 20 grand Toyota GT86 can drift tall day long without once crapping itself.


Zenvo is also disappointed that Top Gear’s review of ST1 did not include the acceleration and top speed runs. They say the ST1 achieved, on damp track no less, a 0 to 100 time of 2.69 seconds, and a top speed of 304 km/h; the fastest recorded at Top Gear test track in recent years. What’s more, they want a re-run of the Stig’s lap in dry conditions, seeing as the day the car was lapped driving was not recommended in many parts of Britain due to low temperature and extreme rain.

Lastly, Zenvo denies Jeremy Clarkson’s claim about the price of the car. It’s not £800,000 like Jezza said. It’s £660,000. Well, that doesn’t make any difference. It is still a hugely expensive car. Plus, we saw it on fire. You can’t really argue with flames!

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