/Red Bull F1 Car Takes on F/A-18 Hornet Fighter Jet

Red Bull F1 Car Takes on F/A-18 Hornet Fighter Jet

redbull vs jet 600x403 at Red Bull F1 Car Takes on F/A 18 Hornet Fighter Jet

Even though the reigning champ Sebastian Vettel had to retire early, Red Bull F1 team started the new season in Australia well with the local boy, Daniel Ricciardo scoring a precious second. The highlight of the weekend though, at least for Daniel, was not the Grand Prix, but rather an unusual race in which he faced the might of Royal Australian Air Force.

In this challenge – OK, publicity stunt – Daniel’s Red Bull F1 car, an old V8 version from the previous season, takes on an F/A-18 Hornet Fighter Jet flown by FLTLT Michael Keightley:

Red Bull’s media team has been very active recently, providing us with some truly high quality stuff such as this brilliant CGI clip that explains the rule and regulations of the 2014 season in an awesome way. The F1 versus fighter jet effort was also cool, but to be honest it’s been done to death. They should get more creative with this stuff. Still, watching a fighter jet in action is always very amusing.

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