/Hopes Revived for Rimac Concept One Production

Hopes Revived for Rimac Concept One Production

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The story of Rimac Concept One dates back to three years ago when the Croatian company announced they have made an electric car that has over 1,000 horsepower and a top speed of 190 mph, and is completely emission free. Turning this concept into a production model, however, proved very difficult and the whole thing was put on hold since then.

Now news emerged that Rimac Automobili has found a new investor, from Colombia, who is willing to give them enough money to kick start the production and sustain themselves until they manage to find new customers and turn some profit. Rimac wants to make 88 units of the Concept One, each priced at over $1 million.

So for now the future of Rimac Concept One seems secure, unless of course the Colombian investor turns out to be a Pablo Escobar protégé and U.S. sends Delta Force and Centra Spike to take him down. Should that happen, Rimac has a backup investor from Hong Kong. The only way they’re going to fail is if a tsunami hits the country.

We really hope to see the Rimac Concept One as a production car someday soon. It is a technological marvel made by a small and unknown firm. If they succeed, Rimac can become the Pagani of the EV world. Concept One, as mentioned, has 1,088 horsepower and over 3,800 of torque, and has a claimed range of 600 km.

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