/All You Need to Know About De Tomaso Pantera

All You Need to Know About De Tomaso Pantera

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De Tomaos Pentera is one of the most mysterious 70s super cars. It’s a fusion of a powerful American heart and a beautiful, timeless Italian design. That recipe should have guaranteed its place among the world’s greatest super cars, but numerous problems with build quality and performance caused a lot of damage to its reputation.  

Now, if you covet a De Tomaso Pantera, before you start searching for one make sure you watch this video. In it, Jay Leno brings in Pantera expert Michael Drew who reveals all there is to know about these cars, and help reviewing Jay’s own 1971 DTP.

Regardless of all the issues with reliability and the fact that it is easier to find life on Mars than a perfect Pantera, this car has one big thing going for it, and that’s its fantastic design. As Michael said in the video, people are only just starting to realize the value of De Tomaso Pantera as a collectible car, which is why prices have gone up almost 25 percent last year and continue to climb.

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