/Guess What Happens to This SEAT Leon Rally Car Next!

Guess What Happens to This SEAT Leon Rally Car Next!

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Alright, so this was an easy one to guess. When you see a car in that position, on a lift, with no harness on, tilting forward, the only outcome is that it is going to fall off, which is exactly what happens next. You don’t have to be familiar with the laws of physics to know moving a car – and an expensive SEAT Leon rally car no less – like this is not a good idea.

We honestly don’t know whether to laugh at this or be sad about it. In all honestly, it is quite hilarious when the thing just falls off like a… you know what. But it is also quite sad, because it was easily preventable with a bit of rope or something.


Fortunately, when this SEAT Leon hits the ground no one was standing there, so the only damage is done to the car, and it appears to be quite severe. We really don’t want to reinforce any stereotypes, but could it have something to do with the famous Spanish laziness? Jeremy Clarkson once said that Spain’s national sport is “resting.” Turns out he really was on to something.

Via Jalopnik

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