/Ultra-Rare Vector W8 Hits the Auction Block

Ultra-Rare Vector W8 Hits the Auction Block

vector w8 0 600x341 at Ultra Rare Vector W8 Hits the Auction Block

Back in the 90s the word hyper car… well, it didn’t really exist. But if you described to someone what makes a hyper car, they would all point at the Vector W8. They only made something like 22 units of this car until the time the company went belly up in 93, and now you have the chance to own one of them.

The main attraction of the Vector W8 is its insane design. Back when it was new it must have looked very futuristic, hence a couple of TV and movie roles it scored. These days, the car looks just plain crazy, but very charming.

The body of the W8 has the most unusual curves and angles the world of car design has ever seen, but it’s nothing compared to the interior. It appears to be inspired, in part, by the Knight Rider and some 80’s spaceship. There are countless buttons and knob and dials, and rather surprisingly for its day, a big screen. It’s probably not for a satnav or a DVD player, though!

Underneath that glorious body this Vector W8 features a twin-turbo Corvette V8. Details and specs of this particular model are yet to be released by the Auctioneer, RM Auctions. The car will go under the hammer at the Monterey auction 15 – 16 August 2014.

Via RM Auctions

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