/Dark Matter: Ferrari LaFerrari in Grey and Black

Dark Matter: Ferrari LaFerrari in Grey and Black

LaFerrari dark 0 600x372 at Dark Matter: Ferrari LaFerrari in Grey and Black

Unlike the Enzo which came in only a few different colors, Ferrari LaFerrari can be ordered in pretty much any color that takes your fancy. That’s how Jay Kay got a green one, and Cristiano Ronaldo is said to have bought a blue one. But some people prefer more sober colors like grey and black, which is a good thing, because LaFerrari looks awesome in these colors.

Here we have a dark grey LaFerrari and a full black one, both of them delivered to customers in, unsurprisingly, Sweden. The coldness of the weather has apparently affected people’s taste in color in that part of the globe!

You can’t argue with the Swedish – and the Scandinavian on the whole – sense of style, though. Just look at their furniture, or supermodels. They’re fantastic. Between these two cars, we have to say we like the grey one better, as it feature black wheels, and that, combined with the carbon parts, create an absolutely unique look. Enjoy the photos…

Pictures via JMB Optimering and Simon Stromsten, props to GTboard

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