/Fire Destroys Multiple Exotic Cars in Thailand

Fire Destroys Multiple Exotic Cars in Thailand

Fire Destroys Multiple Exotic Cars 0 600x365 at Fire Destroys Multiple Exotic Cars in Thailand

A truck driver in Thailand has a lot of explaining to do as his load of multiple exotic cars arrived at its destination completely destroyed by fire. The cars involved in this incident included a Lamborghini Murcielago, Ferrari F430, Bentley Continental Flying Spur and BMW X6.

The fire was apparently started by the BMW which burst into flames for no obvious reason. The flames then spread to the other cars and thanks to the driver’s ignorance what was going on destroyed all of them. Ironically, the BMW appears to be the least damaged of the lot!

Eventually other truck drivers alerted the driver of the burning truck and he manages to put out the fire. But it was too late and nothing worth saving had remained of those shiny exotic cars. Now, obviously insurance should take care of the damages. But you know, it’s Thailand. If insurance doesn’t cover it that driver is going to make a lot of trips to pay for the cars.

Via WreckedExotics

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