/700-hp Caparo T1 Evolution Announced

700-hp Caparo T1 Evolution Announced

Caparo T1 Evolution 600x250 at 700 hp Caparo T1 Evolution Announced

Caparo T1 is a British sports car which is said to the first realistic attempt to make a Formula 1 car for the road. Its makers never explained the point of such a thing; probably because they were too busy wondering why their car catches fire every time it’s on TV. Now they’ve come up with a new version called Caparo T1 Evolution.

The new version, which as the name suggests is an improvement over the existing design, features the same basic features as its predecessor, but it is more powerful – quite a bit more powerful. Whereas the first T1 had 550 horsepower, the Evo version comes with at least 700. That’s interesting, because all the people who drove the 580-hp T1 unanimously agreed that it was a handful. So what’s it going be like with 700?

Caparo T1 Evolution will also come with an updated chassis to meet strictest safety criteria, new suspension configuration for increased stiffness and performance, and some electronic nannies such as ABS and traction control to make it drivable.

Caparo doesn’t say how much the T1 Evolution costs or when it will be ready, but they do offer extras like Silver, Gold or Platinum parts and Virtual Engineer packages for it. You can place an order for the T1 Evo right now.

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