/Bugatti Fires Back: 1,500-hp Veyron Successor Planned

Bugatti Fires Back: 1,500-hp Veyron Successor Planned

Veyron Successor 600x408 at Bugatti Fires Back: 1,500 hp Veyron Successor Planned

A few days after Hennessey Performance announced their plans to launch a new and updated Venom F5 with 1,400 horsepower and a top speed of 290 mph, Bugatti reveals the initial details of their next hyper car which will replace the mighty Veyron. It is going to have around 1,500 horsepower (1,479 bhp) and a top speed of 286 mph.

Looks like the Texan tuner has caused many sleepless nights for one of the oldest and most iconic super car makers in the world, backed by VW, which is the biggest car maker in the world. This feud began when Hennessey’s Venom GT broke the Veyron SS top speed record, but didn’t get official recognition for it. Now they are preparing a super machine that will once and for all prove who’s got the biggest cojones.

At least that’s what they are planning to do. Things are looking good for Hennessey, as even in the smack talk phase they have upper hand. They are certain the Venom F5 will do “at least” 290 mph, while Bugatti’s best estimation puts the top speed of the Veyron Successor at 286. The thing is, Bugatti can actually do it, but there are some question marks hanging above Hennessey’s ambitious plans.

The powertrain Bugatti is developing for the Veyron Successor is a hybrid version of the existing quad-turbo 8.0 liter W16 unit, deeply modified and boosted with electric motors. The downside to this solution is the extra weight the car will have to lug about. The engineers are trying to keep the weight below 1840kg, which is still pretty hefty.

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