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This Is The McLaren P1 GTR

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As promised, McLaren revealed a new and extremely hard-core version of the P1 hyper car at the Pebble Beach concourse. Dubbed McLaren P1 GTR, this model is the ultimate track car with 1,000 horsepower, light weight, and super advanced technology features.

The car on display at Pebble Beach is a concept version previewing the final model which is still in development phase and will go into production in a little under a year. To make the GTR the engineers took a normal P1 and since there was no luxury features to remove in the first place, they set about making it more extreme in terms of aerodynamics, power, and electronics.

So McLaren P1 GTR gets a radical aero kit with pronounced fins and spoilers, plus a racing diffuser and rear wing, all topped off with a two-tone racing livery. The car also benefits from race-proven slick tyres, a fixed ride height, enhanced power delivery from the IPAS powertrain and Formula 1-derived DRS from the large, fixed rear wing and an ERS-style push-to-pass system.

A special feature of the GTR, and part of the reason it is more powerful than the standard car, is a new exhaust system with centrally mounted tailpipes below the rear wing. The design of the exhaust has also changed, with a straight cut twin pipe setup now used in place of the single exit exhaust. That and a few other changes increase the output of the hybrid powertrain to over 1,000 horsepower.

Included in the 2 million GBP price of every McLaren P1 GTR is a bespoke driver program which will include specialist driver training, human performance and access to the McLaren racing simulator, and which is designed to prepare each driver mentally and physically to fully exploit the abilities of the car.

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