/Corvette Stingray Sales Halted Amid Safety Recall

Corvette Stingray Sales Halted Amid Safety Recall

Corvette Stingray 600x383 at Corvette Stingray Sales Halted Amid Safety Recall

General Motors is about to add yet another vehicle to the long list of recalls this year. It’s the Corvette Stingray which is reportedly affected with airbag and parking brake cables issues. In total 2,800 Stingrays are recalled. GM of course has stopped the sales of the vehicle until further notice. 

Mind you, the recall has not been made public yet, as GM still doesn’t have the repair parts for the faulty airbags. The problem is with the driver side airbag which might separate from the steering wheel in case of a crash, turning into a safety hazard itself rather than prevent injuries. As for the parking cable issue, apparently over 800 vehicles are built without one or it’s not fully seated and engaged!

Lucky for GM, a large number of the 2,800 affected Corvette Stingray models are still at the Bowling Green production facility awaiting delivery. But that doesn’t change the fact that they seriously need to revise their quality control procedures. This thing has gone past embarrassing. It’s becoming ridiculous.

You’d think that with all the new technologies and production methods cars should be more than ever. But more and more we are seeing recalls and fires and terrible build qualities. Something’s not right.

Via Autonews

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