/Black LaFerrari Drifts at Monza

Black LaFerrari Drifts at Monza

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As rare as it is to spot a Ferrari LaFerrari in the wild, especially a black one, it is nigh on impossible to see one being hooned around the race track. This car, after all, costs nearly $2 million. But that is exactly what happened at Monza the other day.

It is actually better than it sounds. The owner of this black LaFerrari is a seriously cool guy who enjoys beating on his hyper car. In this video you see him drifting the LaFerrari at Monza’s famous Parabolica corner:

The 960 horsepower Ferrari LaFerrari has the perfect setup for hooliganism. There is that huge power, and it’s rear wheel drive, and it has a racing traction control that allows the driver to pretty much do whatever the hell he wants. But as mentioned, it is the rarity and the price tag that stops most owners from enjoy the car to the fullest. Most of these guys buy the LaFerrari as an investment, knowing that it will only appreciate in time. That is fair enough, but no way to live!

Video by NM2255

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