/Dartz Black Shark Announced with 1,500 hp

Dartz Black Shark Announced with 1,500 hp

Dartz Black Shark 600x374 at Dartz Black Shark Announced with 1,500 hp

Latvian firm Dartz Motorz has a reputation to protect as the most insane auto maker in the world. And it is hard coming up with crazy ideas one after another. Fortunately though, they have access to a steady stream of vodka and stronger intoxicants, which means they have new models in the works. 

This is one of them, the Dartz Black Shark, set to debut later this month as the latest in a series of ultra-luxurious, ultra-powerful, ultra-mad SUVs. After the Red Russian 6×6, Dartz decided to stick with Mercedes-Benz and found their cars a very good base to work on. So the Black Shark is based on a GL which the Latvians have deeply modified.

The body panels on Dartz Black Shark are kevlar-titanium and the engine is the AMG V12 engine, which again they have modified and boosted to 1,500 horsepower. Inside the cabin, and true to form, you find a bunch of equipment that would give Q from James Bond movies a good run for his money. You get a retina scanner, fingerprint scanner, and a Vertu smartphone through which you can control most of the functions of the car.

There is no word on the pricing yet, but you have to as mad, or as high, as the people who made this car to buy it.

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