/Ferrari F40 Spotted in a Garage

Ferrari F40 Spotted in a Garage

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Widely acknowledged by the experts to be the finest super car in history, Ferrari F40 is the kind of car you would expect to see with its own security detail. That is why it is a bit strange seeing one in a normal garage, among mere mortals, on a ramp!

This red Ferrari F40 was spotted in a garage somewhere in France enjoying a service. Cars like the F40 require a lot of care and attention, even if they are only used on rare occasions.

These photos offer a good look at the F40’s interesting little details. Every bit of this car is absolutely fascinating; from those iconic wheels with center lock feature, to the plexiglass engine cover, to the ridiculously bare interior, every single aspect is designed with one thing in mind: speed.

The best part of the Ferrari F40, obviously, is its engine. The 2.9 Liter twin-turbo V8 develops 478 horsepower, all of which comes in a surge once the turbines are spooled up. The massive turbo lag is said to be part of the F40’s charm, because when you set off it feel like a normal, not particularly fast car, and then the turbos kick in and warp space and time.

Another characteristic of the F40, which would be considered a flaw in any other car, is the complete lack of electronic, or mechanical, safety devices. This car, in essence, is a V8-powered go kart!

Photos by MaxPredator911

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