/Youabian Puma Spotted at Supercar Sunday

Youabian Puma Spotted at Supercar Sunday

puma 600x350 at Youabian Puma Spotted at Supercar Sunday

Puma Automobiles’ Youabian, in the words of its creators, was designed to with one goal in mind: to be absolutely and utterly unique. That it is, and then some! This $1.1 million, four-seater convertible tank is like nothing else in the world. 

If you want to see the Los Angeles-based Youabian Puma up close, your best chance is during one of the numerous car events held in California every other week. Shmee150 was present at one such event, Supercar Sunday, and had a good look at this weird thing. Prepare to be amazed:

The idea behind Youabian Puma makes a lot of sense. Who doesn’t like having a huge four-seater convertible with large chunky tires, a luxurious interior, and a 500 horsepower Corvette engine. The problem is the design, especially the front-end. It just looks too creepy. And to think it costs $1.1 million USD…

Maybe if Puma comes up with a new version with a better design, they can give Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 a good run for its money. Until then, Youabian Puma best remain a one-off!


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