/$27 Million Worth of Supercars at Dubai Super Sprint!

$27 Million Worth of Supercars at Dubai Super Sprint!

dubai super sprint 600x330 at $27 Million Worth of Supercars at Dubai Super Sprint!

It is a known fact that the small oil-rich Arab states around the Persian Gulf have more supercars per resident than any other region in the world. It is no wonder then that a normal meeting like Dubai Super Sprint attracts such a huge number of exotic cars. It is frankly mind-boggling to watch all of them in one place.

Dubai Super Sprint brought together over 150 cars, from multi million dollar hyper machines, to sports car, and high-end luxury and sports saloons. An educated guess puts the value of this convoy at over 100 million dirhams or $27,223,700.

If we want to list all the cars in this video, we are going to have to list every single super car in the world. So it’s probably easier for you to just watch the footage, and make sure your jaw doesn’t hit the floor when it drops!

As the old saying goes, looks can be deceiving. Some may watch this video and think Dubai is a piece of heaven on earth, the best place to live. Not so. Yes, the country is prosperous, and yes, there are thousands of supercars knocking about everywhere. But it is essentially a dictatorship; the weather is terrible; and most of these cars belong to a handful of families with royalty ties. Normal people would be lucky to have a Toyota Land Cruiser. So do not despair!

Via ArabGT

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