/Purple McLaren 12C Spotted in China

Purple McLaren 12C Spotted in China

purple mclaren 12c 1 600x384 at Purple McLaren 12C Spotted in China

It is not exactly a secret that McLaren 12C has a rather boring design – at least when compared to something like Ferrari 459 Italia. The owner of this Chinese purple McLaren 12C has evidently found a way around that issue, but we’re not sure it would work outside China.

This extremely showy purple McLaren 12C would stick out like a sore thumb in a sophisticated European capital. But in China it actually looks rather understated. I mean, we are talking about a people here who think it is OK to do this to a McLaren P1.

The wrap on this 12C is actually done very tastefully, with chrome accents and stripe adorning some strategic place on the car, giving the design a nice twist. It is the choice of colors that is questionable, especially pairing mirror finish chrome purple. But hey, at least the car is not boring anymore!

CarNewsChina via GTspirit

McLaren 12C Technical Specs:

  • Drivetrain layout: Longitudinal mid-engine, RWD
  • Engine configuration: V8 twin turbo
  • Engine material: Aluminium block and cylinder heads
  • Oiling: Dry sump
  • Compression ratio: 8.7:1
  • Valvetrain: 32-valve, DOHC, dual VVT
  • Redline: 8,500 rpm
  • Bore x Stroke: 93 x 69.9 mm
  • Engine displacement: 3799 cc
  • Power: 625 PS @ 7500 rpm
  • Torque: 600 Nm @ 3000-7000 rpm
  • PS per litre: 164
  • Transmission: 7 Speed SSG with Pre-Cog
  • Body structure: Carbon fibre MonoCell with aluminum front and rear frames
  • Wheelbase: 2670 mm
  • Track: F:1656 mm / R:1583 mm
  • Length: 4509 mm
  • Width: 1908 mm
  • Height: 1199 mm
  • DIN weight: 1434 kg / 3161 lbs
  • Dry weight: 1336 kg / 2945 lbs
  • Dry weight with lightweight options: 1301 kg / 2868 lbs
  • Weight distribution at DIN: F:42.5% / R:57.5%
  • Active aerodynamics: McLaren Airbrake
  • Suspension: ProActive Chassis Control
  • ProActive Chassis Control modes: Winter / Normal / Sport / Track
  • Powertrain modes: Winter / Normal / Sport / Track
  • Brakes: Cast iron discs with forged aluminum hubs (F:370mm / R:350 mm)
  • Wheel sizes (F / R): 19″ x 8.5″J / 20″ x 11″ J
  • Tyres (F / R): Pirelli PZero 235/35 R19 / 305/30 R20
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