/Street Racing Supercars Seized in Hong Kong

Street Racing Supercars Seized in Hong Kong

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Most rich cities in the world have a fairly large population of bored young people with fast cars. So illegal street racing is a common problem in such places, especially in Hong Kong where people tend to be a bit unruly. In fact, things got so bad, Hong Kong Police has started cracking down on street racers.

And they began by seizing a large number of supercars known to be part of a street racing ring. This is Hong Kong’s idea of organized crime, apparently, and it required a sting operation of the kind to bring the lawbreakers to justice. The Police reportedly has evidence of some of these cars doing up to 250 km/h on public roads.

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What HK Police is doing here is, of course, commendable, as those street racers put the lives and properties of other people at risk to indulge their passion for speed and adrenaline. But still, it is sad to see such amazing cars looking all sad and miserable in custody. Chances are the officers are not going to be gentle with the cars while moving them to lockup.

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The diversity of the cars seized in this operation is astonishing. We can see a couple of McLarens, a large number of Ferraris and Lamborghinis, some Audi R8s, and of course, the king of all street racers, Nissan GT-R.

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