/Wild Dream: Ferrari FXX K Spider!

Wild Dream: Ferrari FXX K Spider!

Ferrari FXX K Spider 600x315 at Wild Dream: Ferrari FXX K Spider!

Ferrari has just launched the track version of the LaFerrari hyper car in Abu Dhabi, but that’s apparently not enough for some people. They are already dreaming about an open-top Ferrari FXX K Spider, which of course will never happen.

The best they can hope for is a Spider version of the LaFerrari which is not going to be as powerful as the FXX K, but still pretty dope with 960 horsepower and regular, less embarrassing doors. In comparison, The FXX K has 1,050 horsepower and it lighter and more aerodynamic, so it’s a helluva lot faster – almost 5 second quicker than the road car around Fiorano test track.

The Ferrari FXX K Spider here penned by Evren Milano looks undeniably awesome, but one struggles to see the point of an open-top track car like this. The FXX is built to allow a small number of rich driving enthusiast feel like Michael Schumacher (before his ski accident, of course) in command of true racing car. Going alfresco only takes away from the thrill of the experience and makes the car slower.

Still, this rendering could be used as a guide for model car makers to produce a Ferrari FXX K Spider scale model. Everybody will want one, and it will be the only form of LaFerrari most people can afford!

Via GTspirit

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