/Clarkson & Co to Extend Top Gear Contracts

Clarkson & Co to Extend Top Gear Contracts

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After a less than ideal 2014 – a year described as “horrible” by series producer Andy Wilman – Top Gear is off to a flying start in 2015. They have a great 10-episode season underway, simultaneous broadcast in 50 countries, and lots of live gigs already booked.

The only thing that can make this better is the news that TG boys are going to keep doing what they do for the foreseeable future. And that’s exactly what they are going to do, at least if the recent news about Clarkson, Hammond and May extending their contracts with BBC are true.

There is absolutely no reason why they should stop making Top Gear. Sure, the presenters are a bit old now, but on the evidence of what we saw in the first episode of Series 22, they are still capable of doing some pretty crazy stuff. What’s more Top Gear is still the most popular motoring, and in fact factual, show in the world, which means it is hugely profitable for the BBC.

One thing that could hinder the progress of the program is all the controversy surrounding the hosts, mainly Jeremy Clarkson. Almost every other week we hear about some heinous thing Jezza has done or said; stuff that could potentially harm his position at BBC. There even have been some rumors about Clarkson getting axed from the show. But despite the fact that 2014 was the peak of Jeremy’s career in terms of making controversy, fury, and even a small riot, BBC is said to be ready to extend the contracts of all three presenters until 2018.

Among the most ‘embarrassing’ moments caused by Jeremy Clarkson last year we can mention the ‘slope’ incident, the ’N-word’ fiasco, the insensitive Peugeot crashing malarkey, and most recently, the Argentinian riot caused by Clarki’s provocative number plate.

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