/Gallery: White Porsche Carrera GT on HRE Wheels

Gallery: White Porsche Carrera GT on HRE Wheels

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For all its awesomeness, Porsche 918 Spyder lacks the sheer thrill of its predecessor, Porsche Carrera GT, in terms of styling. The CGT is still, more than decade after its introduction, one of the best-looking super cars out there.

There have been some attempts at altering the styling of the Carrera GT, and some of them, like what Gemballa came up with, weren’t half bad. But the CGT is not the kind of car you want to mess with.

If you absolutely have to modify the looks of your CGT, new wheels should be the extent of your ambitions. It may not sound like much, but choosing the right wheels, in the right color, will improve the appearance of your car, even one as magnificent as the CGT, no end.

This Sand White Porsche Carrera GT sitting on a set of HRE P101s in gloss black is case in point:

Porsche Carrera GT Specs:

Roadster, two seats

Carbon fiber construction

Mid-mounted engine

Drive system: Rear-wheel drive

Engine: V-10, normally aspirated

Displacement: 5,500cc

Horsepower: 558

Peak torque: 442 lb.-ft.

Transmission: 6-speed manual

Wheelbase: 179.4 in. / 4,556 mm

Length: 106.3 in. / 2,700 mm

Height: 47 in. / 1,192 mm

Wheel diameter: F: 19 in. / R: 20 in.

Curb weight: 2,755 lbs. / 1,250 kg

0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) < 4.0 sec.

0-124 mph (0-200 km/h) 10 sec.

Top track speed 205+ mph (330+ km/h)

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