/Mansory Bel Air Phantom Drophead Spotted in Egypt

Mansory Bel Air Phantom Drophead Spotted in Egypt

mansory bel air 0 600x377 at Mansory Bel Air Phantom Drophead Spotted in Egypt

Egypt is probably the last place you would expect to see a stock Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, let alone a heavily modified one. This is the Mansory Bel Air, a tuned version of the British droptop luxury cruiser and it was recently spotted in Cairo.

This rather unique and peculiar Mansory Bel Air Phantom Dropped appears to be in Egypt on transit, as it has Saudi plates and then another plate on top of that, apparently from Switzerland embassy.

Mansory Bel Air is the kind of car that should only be viewed in press pictures. Seeing one live not only alters your views about the tuner, it can also ruin the car for you. Almost everything Mansory has done to this car has made it worse than before. From the bumpers, to the side sills, the tail spoiler, and those godawful wheels, none of this stuff are fit for a Roller, especially an open-top version.

But seeing as the whole point of a body kit like this is to attract attention to the owner, you have to admit that Mansory Bel Air is a job well done. We’re just not sure it’s the right of kind attention it is grabbing!

Photos by Alaa Nour via Autogespot

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