/2016 Camaro Shows Up in Official Teaser

2016 Camaro Shows Up in Official Teaser

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Yesterday Chevrolet sent out a press released boasting about selling  the 500,000th fifth-generation Camaro in the United States. The real purpose of this announcement, however, was to get our engines revving about the 2016 Camaro, the sixth generation of the muscle car, which is said to all set for debut at the upcoming New York Auto Show.

The video accompanying the press release shows a few shots of the 2016 Camaro on the race track. The car is fully camo’d up, but even so, you can notice some of its new styling features such as the larger air intakes, smaller front grille, and all-new headlights. Following the Mustang’s model in going global in design, the Camaro appears to be getting rid of some of its traditional cues in favour of a more modern look.

As for the sales record Chevy has just set with the fifth-gen Camaro, the figures show a steady increase since 2009 thanks to the constant stream of new editions and special models they keep putting out.

August through December 2009 61,648
2010 calendar year 81,299
2011 calendar year 88,249
2012 calendar year 84,391
2013 calendar year 80,567
2014 calendar year 86,297
January through February 2015 11,364
Total 493,815

“The fifth-generation Camaro has clearly resonated with both long-time Camaro fans, and first time performance-car buyers,” said Todd Christensen, Camaro marketing manager. “That sets the bar high for the next chapter of the car’s history.”

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