/Gallery: Sideways Porsches at the Arctic Circle

Gallery: Sideways Porsches at the Arctic Circle

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Porsche is making the most of Europe’s icy winter this year, organizing many tours and challenges for their fans and customers. We have already told you about their awesome Moscow winter festival and the Siberian hybrid challenge. Now let’s see some sideways Porsches at the arctic circle!

The participants in the Porsche Driving Experience in Levi, Finland, were treated to one of the most fun activities you can do with a car, which is drifting on a snow-covered track. It wasn’t just mindless sliding about, mind you, as Porsche always supplies professional instructors to teach the drivers how to maximize their fun and minimize chances of hurting themselves.

As impressive as it s to see a whole bunch of Carrera and Cayman models chasing their tails on ice, the highlight of this sideways Porsches group was without a doubt the 918 hybrid hypercar. This million dollar super machine is a Swiss army knife, and a pretty sturdy one at that, ready and equipped for every opportunity. You cannot even imagine doing this sort of things in a LaFerrari or a McLaren P1.

We never cease to be amazed by Porsche’s ability in making sports car that are so usable and touch you can drive them through a snow storm. These cars serve as an advertisement for the Germans’ engineering prowess.

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