/LaFerrari Recall Update: It’s a Fuel Tank Upgrade

LaFerrari Recall Update: It’s a Fuel Tank Upgrade

laferrari recall 600x358 at LaFerrari Recall Update: It’s a Fuel Tank Upgrade

Yesterday the media was awash with news of Ferrari LaFerrari recall due to a fire hazard. Turns out it was true, but the whole thing is more of a “service campaign” to upgrade the fuel tank coating than a full-blown recall. Although it does awfully seem like one.

At any rate, every single Ferrari LaFerrari delivered so far needs to go into a garage and have its fuel tank removed, a process that apparently takes up to eight hours, so they can upgrade the coasting.

Ferrari says this is not as dangerous as the media as made it to be, which is why they are not treating it “as an official recall,” but part of the car’s regular servicing schedule. Sounds like a bit of a stretch to call ripping out the fuel tank and putting back in again regular servicing, but here we are.

Ferrari LaFerrari being an almost $2 million USD hyper car, one would expect Ferrari to send a team to the owners’ house to pick the car up and bring it back again. I mean you don’t expect Jay Kay to drive his LaFerrari to the garage and then stick around 8 hours while they fix it, do you?

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