/McLaren Sports Series Shows Some Skin in New Teaser

McLaren Sports Series Shows Some Skin in New Teaser

McLaren Sports Series skin 600x329 at McLaren Sports Series Shows Some Skin in New Teaser

We have been treated to countless teaser photos and videos so far hyping the new McLaren Sports Series ahead of its official debut at the New York Auto Show next month. But in all of them we either didn’t see the car at all, or it was heavily camouflaged.

Now though, in this new teaser, for the first time ever we get to see some parts of McLaren Sports Series body. The new picture shows one of the car’s highly provocative curves which is in fact part of engine’s air intake system. The carbon fiber panel in the door is not only a styling feature, it helps channeling the air into the air duct located behind it, which eventually feeds the engine. Very nice.

In promoting the McLaren Sports Series, the British auto maker refers to it as a sort of Black Swan moment, putting it up there with the emergence of Impressionism, the mapping of the human genome, the mini skirt, and world wide web. Granted, that’s a bit of a stretch to count a new sports car as influential as those remarkable historical events – especially the mini skirt! – but the MSS is said to be something out of this world in terms of driving dynamics. It’d better be, because based on what we’re hearing it looks pretty much like the 650S and it has a less powerful version of the same engine as well.

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