/Rendering: Porsche 918 Wide Body

Rendering: Porsche 918 Wide Body

Porsche 918 Wide Body 600x487 at Rendering: Porsche 918 Wide Body

We realize there are people out there so voracious, not even a million dollar hyper car can satisfy them if it’s not customized and modified. But we don’t think anybody would ever think of having a hyper car like Porsche 918 widened. But just in case they do, here’s what a Porsche 918 Wide Body would look like.

This Porsche 918 Wide Body is created by Jon Sibal who recently also showed us what a drop-top Aventador Superveloce might look like. To make this wide 918, Sibal has, evidently, drawn inspiration from the works of Liberty Walk. Those unique bolt-on fenders are LB’s signature dish.

Jon has modified the LB-style fenders here to accommodate the Weissach aero kit including the large front splitter and those little winglets. And that’s the way it should be. If you are willing to have your Porsche 918 chopped and customized like this, you are going to want it all – the width, the aero kit, massive wheels, the lot.

Judging by how awesome this thing looks, we reckon it is only a matter of time before we see a Porsche 918 Wide Body in the real world. All it takes is for one of the 918 owners of the 918 Spyder to get bored with the way his car looks.

Rendering by Jon Sibal

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