/Super Rare Porsche 959 Flips Over in Geneva

Super Rare Porsche 959 Flips Over in Geneva

Porsche 959 Flips Over 1 600x403 at Super Rare Porsche 959 Flips Over in Geneva

On the surface, Porsche 959 doesn’t really look like a car that would flip over easily. It is wide and low, and it has fat tires and four-wheel-drive. But the driver of this 959 managed to defy all those things and get his car on its roof somewhere in Geneva.

The cause of the accident that left this beautiful silver Porsche 959 on its roof is said to be excessive speed on wet roads. Given the state of the car’s front-end, one would imagine the driver spun, hit some obstacle and that flip the car over. Whatever happened, the sad truth is that this 959 is kaput.

As you can see in the picture below, damages to this Porsche 959 are more than just cosmetic. The suspension is a wreck, so is the radiator, bits of the engine, not to mention the body. Given the cost of repairing a 959, if it’s possible at all, the owner might as well decide to strip the car down and sell it for parts. That would make the most sense financially, but it will rob the world of one of its 337 Porsche 959s.

Launched in the 80s as the world’s first proper, modern, technologically-advanced super car, the Porsche 959 went on to become one of the all time greats and was the star one of the most awesome supercar battles in the history against the Ferrari F40.

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