/Another LaFerrari Wrecked, This Time in China

Another LaFerrari Wrecked, This Time in China

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Say what you want about Arabs, but at least they never let their teenage kids to drive their cherished super cars. They don’t do that because they know teenagers, what with all those hormones swirling around in them, will inevitably crash. That’s a fact the Chinese owner of this LaFerrari realized the hard way after his son wrecked it.

Now we don’t want to sound bitter, but you can kind of tell this kid is a bit of a prat looking at those shiny shoes he is wearing. He is looking understandably somber, which is good, but most likely because he is going to lose his Xbox playing time over this. Of course if he’s father’s the tough kind, things might get ugly. The kid might be asked to stay in his room and think about what he’s done.

As for the cause of the accident, apparently the road was wet, the LaFerrari too fast and twitchy, and the driver to incompetent to control it. The car spun and hit the guardrails hard enough to take out two wheels and many body panels and set off the airbags. LaFerraris have been crashing left and right lately. Not that long ago we heard about another LaFerrari, also red, crashing on its way to France. Maybe Ferrari should include some sort of driving instruction in the package.

LaFerrari Wrecked 2 600x353 at Another LaFerrari Wrecked, This Time in China

Via WreckedExotics

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