/Blast from the (Recent) Past: Wiesmann GT

Blast from the (Recent) Past: Wiesmann GT

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We almost feel like we should ask for a moment of silence because what we have here is one of those iconic sports cars that took the world by storm a few years ago and then someday went away like it never existed. We are of course talking about the Wiesmann GT.

Built by the Wiesmann brothers who started the whole thing as something slightly more sophisticated than a shed-built sports car project, the Wiesmann GT in all its variants was regarded by the experts of the business as the finest modern-day interpretation of the classic British sports car. It looked like something from 1950s but featured modern underpinnings and boasted that all-important German quality factor. Sounds like the perfect recipe.

And it was, for a while. The cost of producing such a thing was dear, and even though the cheapest Wiesmann GT cost something like 120K Euros, it was hardly enough for the manufacturer to break even, let alone make a decent profit. What’s more, lady luck wasn’t particularly kind to Wiesmann. Just as their business was starting flourish the financial crisis of 2007–2008 arrived, during which the sales of exotic sports car all but stopped. The net result of all this was that Wiesmann went bankrupt last year and closed its door for good.

That is a sad story, but it means the few Wiesmann GT models that were produced and sold are not officially future classics appreciating in value every year. That is why you should hustle and get this orange example we found for you at Alain Class Motors in Dubai. With those looks, that superb interior, and a twin-turbo BMW V8 engine, this Wiesmann is cooler, more fun, and probably a better investment than all those new Ferraris and Lamborghinis and Porsches.

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