/TDI-Tuning Porsche Macan Diesel Delivers 320 PS

TDI-Tuning Porsche Macan Diesel Delivers 320 PS

TDI Tuning Porsche Macan 600x421 at TDI Tuning Porsche Macan Diesel Delivers 320 PS

So we just showed you a full-size diesel-powered SUV, VW Touareg, tuned to 410 PS by JE Design. But what if you want a compact diesel crossover, something that makes more sense for urban use? Well, you should check out the new TDI-Tuning Porsche Macan.

These guys begin their project by taking in a Porsche Macan Diesel which comes from the factory packing a 3.0 liter V6 diesel with 254bhp and 428lb ft of torque. By fitting the engine with £300 electronic box of magics, the tuner increases that output to 320 PS and 496lb ft of torque, while improving the fuel economy by 4 to 6 mpg!

That is a complete win-win scenario what TDI-Tuning Porsche Macan offers, and it is also one of the cheapest ways of getting more power. They do nothing for the exterior or interior though. For styling upgrade you have to look elsewhere.

“Whilst not yet in Evoque territory in terms of sales, the Macan, added to the bigger Cayenne, opens up an entirely new universe of possibilities and market growth for Porsche,” says TDI-Tuning principal Graeme King. “High customer retention means that Macan buyers have had experience of petrol-engined Porsches before, and expect that kind of performance from their new, diesel-powered Porsche. This is why they come to TDI-Tuning: to close that gap, and make their diesel Macan, or Cayenne, faster and more efficient.”

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