/Gallery: McLaren P1 GTR Private Party

Gallery: McLaren P1 GTR Private Party

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As we have mentioned before, McLaren Newport Beach is by far and away the most successful representative of the British automaker, having shifted the greatest number of P1 hyper cars. So it was only natural for them to hold a private viewing party for the new McLaren P1 GTR, so those who have already bought a P1 can consider spending another $3 million on a track version of it.

The special event was held at a private mansion in Newport Coast whose looks and whereabouts speak volumes about the kind of people who buy cars like McLaren P1 GTR. If you have a house like that it would feel quite natural to you to spend 3 mil on what’s essentially a toy.

And what a toy it is. As the racing version of the road-going P1, the GTR is not only more powerful by more than 100 PS, it is also lighter and more focused. It may not have the same top speed as the road car, given that massive aero kit it is sporting, but not many things in the world can keep up with a McLaren P1 GTR on the race track.

This car is of course not road legal and can only be used during the McLaren track day events organized by the company. But a British firm is working on a homologating program which means pretty soon you will be able to drive the P1 GTR on public roads as well. Mind you, we don’t see any reason for that other than showing off, which is not a very cool thing to do.

Photos by McLarenNB

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