/Latest 2016 Camaro Teaser Discusses Aero

Latest 2016 Camaro Teaser Discusses Aero

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After teasing us with the engine sound and the deliciously curvaceous booty of the 2016 Camaro, Chevrolet now turns serious and wants to talk a little about the science of aerodynamic and how the new car takes advantage of it. The new Camaro is designed to be as slippery as possible.

That means the 2016 Camaro will cut through air a lot more efficiently than its predecessor, and that means reduced aerodynamic lift as well as improved performance, stability, cooling and lower wind noise intrusion. Another byproduct of aerodynamic efficiency is lower fuel consumption.

Achieving this level of aero sophistication has not been easy. The engineers had to be very meticulous and come up with ingenious solutions such as changing the position of the lower grille bars to achieve optimum engine-cooling airflow. Turns out they had to be set at a 13-degree angle to the horizon for that!

2016 Camaro will be unveiled this weekend at Detroit’s Belle Isle Park.

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“The importance of aerodynamics increases exponentially as we increase vehicle performance,” said Kirk Bennion, Exterior Design manager. “As engine output increases, we need more engine cooling. As acceleration and top speeds climb, we need to reduce lift for better high-speed stability. However, we cannot make any changes at the expense of increasing drag, which can hurt fuel economy. To balance these different aerodynamic targets, we tested literally hundreds of changes on the new Camaro, millimeters at a time.”

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