/Alpine Celebration Concept Unveiled at Le Mans

Alpine Celebration Concept Unveiled at Le Mans

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We’ve been waiting for a new Alpine sports car for years, and now that it has arrived it is yet another “celebration” concept that previews a car that might be released next year. The Alpine Celebration Concept was unveiled at Le Mans where it served as a slight distraction from the race.

‘Just do it already!’ is what one might feel would be the appropriate thing yell at Renault at this point. It’s not a hyper car for God’s sake. The thing is just a modern-day interpretation of a mildly significant sports car named A110 Berlinetta from 60 years ago.

They first tried the A110-50 three years ago which for some reason was deemed not good enough. So they went back to the drawing board and came up with the Alpine Celebration Concept which they say is closer in spirit to the original.

In some ways, the Alpine Celebration Concept will be Renault’s answer to Alfa Romeo 4C. The production version is said to weigh around 1,000 kg and powered by a mid-mounted small, turbocharged engine that sends its power to the rear wheels via a double-clutch transmission.

Sounds dope, but Renault needs to stop teasing us with concepts and drawings and build the damn thing. Unless, of course, they are not sure it will be successful, in which case they run the risk ruining the reputation of the original Alpine as well.

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