/Bentley Bentayga Hits the Snow in New Teaser

Bentley Bentayga Hits the Snow in New Teaser

Bentley Bentayga teaser 600x335 at Bentley Bentayga Hits the Snow in New Teaser

The development of Bentley Bentayga, the world’s first true ultra-luxury SUV, is well underway as engineers conclude the car’s winter testings at Arjeplog testing facility in Sweden. The fact that they bothered testing the Bentayga at -16 degree Celsius proves that the Bentley SUV is not just about comfort and luxury. It will also be versatile and hugely capable in dealing with rough terrain.

Another interesting part of the new Bentley Bentayga teaser is that it reveals the first shot of the interior. Well, we only see the steering wheel, but that is enough evidence to conclude the level of luxury in this SUV is going to blow your mind.

What Bentley have to say about their new Bentayga SUV:

At its launch, the Bentayga will be the most advanced Bentley yet – and the world’s most luxurious SUV. But the innovations inside are not present just to impress. They are there to heighten the sense of style.

Every SUV affords its occupants an elevated view. But none truly compels them to connect with the landscape. Only the Bentayga, with its unique combination of class-leading comfort, refinement and performance, empowers them to look at their world in new ways.

It’s a critical factor of any SUV. But what do we mean when we refer to performance? Is it simply torque? Handling? Acceleration? Maybe even efficiency? After all, conventional logic dictates that one must invariably come at the cost of another.

However, the Bentayga is a Bentley. And when designing it, our approach was that performance can no longer be defined as a single quality but the ability to combine them all – without compromise to any.

The all-new W12 TSI engine is the most technically advanced 12 cylinder engine in the world, delivering the most power, torque and economy of any car in its class. But even this is too narrow a description of what true performance is.

Only when you drive the Bentayga and feel the smooth, sophisticated balance with which such raw yet efficient power is distributed, over any imaginable terrain, does it become clear.

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