/Dope or Nope? Matte Green Ferrari F40

Dope or Nope? Matte Green Ferrari F40

Matte Green Ferrari F40 600x350 at Dope or Nope? Matte Green Ferrari F40

Every time this matte green Ferrari F40 shows up in a video online it is met with a flurry of negative comments from those who consider themselves “Ferrari purists” and believe all Ferraris have to be red. For our part, we admire the owner of this F40 because he had the guts to try something new on his iconic super car, and because we think matte military green is a hugely cool color!

So have a closer look at the matte green Ferrari F40 in this video and let us know what do you think:

And by the way, the sound this F40 makes is not standard. The car is fitted with a custom Tubi exhaust system with straight pipes. This is another area of controversy about this car, but let’s argue about this one some other day.

Video by BrianZuk

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