/Gallery: Cars & Coffee Czech Republic – June 2015

Gallery: Cars & Coffee Czech Republic – June 2015

Cars Coffee Czech Republic 0 600x400 at Gallery: Cars & Coffee Czech Republic   June 2015

We know most of you think of Cars & Coffee events as strictly American affairs. But if you have been following us you know that lately we’ve gone global with this thing, featuring C&C events from other parts of the world. The latest happened a few days ago in Czech Republic and it was one of the most awesome we’ve ever seen.

I mean, you take a look at the picture above and you know that Cars & Coffee Czech Republic was a magical event. There aren’t many things to like about the Eastern Bloc, to be brutally honest, but by God the beauty of their women is more than make up for the Bloc’s lack of glamour, style, industry, and culture.

As for the cars, well, we can the same thing here. There is a handful of really cool cars like an Alfa 4C, a Bentley GTC, a BMW i8, Ferrari 599, Aston Martin Rapide and a Nissan GT-R, and you see the girls next to them, naturally. The rest of the lineup comprises a bunch of mid-range sports cars and hot hatchbacks. Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course. The down to earth nature of the event is actually very refreshing.

Photos via Vincero Photography

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