/Rendering: Entry-Level Koenigsegg Legera

Rendering: Entry-Level Koenigsegg Legera

Koenigsegg Legera 0 600x345 at Rendering: Entry Level Koenigsegg Legera

A 15-year-old designer with mad Photoshop skills has come up with something that frankly Koenigsegg themselves should have thought of a long time ago. It’s an entry-level, sub-Agera model called Koenigsegg Legera and it looks pretty awesome.

Now, don’t let that “entry-level” bit fool you. We are talking about entry-level by Koenigsegg’s standards. As such, the Koenigsegg Legera is imagined with an 800 horsepower engine, which sounds about right, given the fact that the Ageras these days have gone past 1,300 hp.

The name is also clever, as it is both an imaginative way of relating the car to the Agera and also emphasizing the fact that it is a lightweight super car. Legera itself means alloy in Swedish, but it’s close enough to the Italian word Leggera (light) for anyone to make that connection.

What we absolutely love about the Koenigsegg Legera, apart from fact that it was imagined and designed by a teenager, is how it complies with everything we know about Koenigsegg and their exclusive design features. The wrap-around front window is there, as is the removable, double-bubble roof, and the signature doors.

Entering the super car market for a hyper car maker like Koenigsegg would mean more money, but it also means a drastic expansion of their operations. That is why we think it may never happen.


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