/Rendering: Liberty Walk Ford GT Concept

Rendering: Liberty Walk Ford GT Concept

Liberty Walk Ford GT Concept 600x337 at Rendering: Liberty Walk Ford GT Concept

As if the new Ford GT does not look sleek and futuristic enough, designers keep messing around with it, trying to make it even more fancy. Often they fail and end up ruining the looks of the car. But sometimes, like in the case of this Liberty Walk Ford GT, the rendering looks so good you’d forgive its implausibility.

Penned by independent artist Khyzyl Saleem, the unique Liberty Walk Ford GT Concept draws inspiration from the Japanese tuner’s existing works based on cars like the Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari 458. Naturally, since there is literally no boundaries in the real of rendering, the kit is exaggerated and maybe caricatured a little. The important thing is that it makes you go wow the moment you see the picture.

Saleem’s Liberty Walk Ford GT Concept features LB-Works’ signature bolt-on wide fenders on the rear, while the front seems to be using the standard fenders buffed up a bit to accommodate those huge Dunlop racing slicks. The coolest part of this car though is the massive carbon fiber aero kit consisting of a rear wing, side aero blades, and a ginormous front splitter.

We can’t wait for the new Ford GT to be launched and for Liberty Walk to come up with a real wide body kit for it. Even if the real kit looks 70 present like what we see in this rendering, it’ll be worth waiting for.

Rendering by Khyzyl Saleem

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